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ITS Alive! is an eight-armed dance monster from Montreal, composed of Marina D. Ray, Lisa Champagne, Dominique Senécal, and Sue Snyder.

ITS Alive! have been practicing and performing Hot Pot ITS (Improv Team Synch a la Unmata) together since 2014. They are known for their precise and energetic performances, as well as their ability to throw great parties. They are half of the team that puts together MomentumFest MTL, an annual summer dance festival held in Montreal.

ITS Alive! believe that group improvisation is in its own way a kind of shared mindfulness practice where one must surrender to the moment. They are fond of vintage monster movies, bawdy jokes, and building spaces for community to gather.

” Improv Team Synch (ITS) relies on a shared vocabulary of movements, each initiated by a distinct cue movement. The leader initiates the cue movement, then a short, choreographed combination, or combo, is performed. These combos can be done in any order, and none of the dancers know ahead of time which movements the leader will cue next. In order for ITS to work, everyone must know the same vocabulary of movements. Because of this, ITS is a lot like a language. […] ITS represents over a decade of artistic process and experimentation. It is its own animal. A breathing, feral, unpredictable beast that I will continue to hand feed until it turns around and kills me.” – Amy Sigil of Unmata

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